How Does BedBug Affect Your Health?

It is very unsettling as a homeowner to hear the words bed bugs. It can also harm the reputation of hotels and multi-unit landlords in their tracks. It is never been easier to hire a bed bug exterminator in Montreal. L’ex-terminateurJM can eradicate this problem quickly and affordably.

Bed bugs feed on animals and humans usually at night while you sleep. They are small red or brown in color. These insects are oval, wingless, and adults are roughly the size of a pear seed. This means you can see them but catching them is another matter altogether. Bed bugs move quickly and can scurry up walls and even across the ceiling. Their favourite place to hide is in your mattress, bed or wood furniture.

I Have Bed Bugs, What Does This Mean?

At L’ex-terminateurJM, we receive this question a lot. Bed bugs aren’t a reflection of the cleanliness of your home or the location in which you live. They occur all over Montreal in a variety of dwellings, including single-family homes, high rise apartments, hotels and condos. While more common in areas with a greater rate of residential turnover (like apartments) anybody can experience bed bugs. It’s nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of.
Once you notice bed bugs it’s important to act quickly. Not only because it will keep them from multiplying in your home, but also to reduce the risk of spreading bed bugs to friends, family, and neighbours.

Bed Bug Removal Tips

It is always best to contact a pest control or extermination company, but some people prefer to try some home remedies first. These sometimes work well, especially if you start early. At L’ex- terminateurJM we have heard our share of stories, and if you’re going to try to get rid of the bugs on your own.

1. Launder in Hot Water

Washing everything and anything that might be affected by the bugs in extremely hot water helps kill the creatures and keep them from creeping through your laundry hamper. A minimum of 120 degrees Fahrenheit is a good place to begin. Once the items are laundered, fold them and seal them in airtight vacuum bags away from the floor.

2. Seal up cracks or openings
A bug could fit anywhere in your home. Resealing these openings helps reduce the number of hiding spots your unwanted visitors have access to.

3. Dismantle Beds

Even if you are planning to contact a professional pest service, dismantling bed frames will make the job easier later. Quickly inspect all bed frames to ensure no bugs are hiding. Remove and launder bedding in hot water and dry in a dryer on high for about 45 minutes. Next, check your mattress and box spring with a flashlight for traces of bed bugs.
If none of these handy tricks seem to work on your bed bug problem, it is time to call the professionals. CAA Quebec in Canada recommends using heat treatment to remove the bugs, which is what L’ex- terminateurJM excels at. Experienced bed bug removal services are skilled in finding and eliminating pests quickly and effectively. We focus on getting the job done right the first time. This removes the need for repeat visits and keeps your home feeling safe and bug-free.

How Can L’ex-terminateurJM Help?

The L’ex-terminateurJM bed bug treatment relies on the power of Thermal Remediation. Bed bugs are unable to withstand high temperatures, which offers us a natural and safe way to permanently remove the pests from your home. We work closely with homeowners and business owners in Montreal to eliminate the need for harmful chemical treatments. Fourmis Montreal killer is our best solution to keep your home clean and stay healthy.

L’ex-terminateurJM heat treatment increases the temperature of the space where you’ve noticed an infestation. This heat gets everywhere in a room, including cracks and crannies in walls, ceilings and floors. For immediate results, we have found that pesticides alone never do the trick. Some advantages we have noticed by using heat include:

No use of chemicals in your home

• Safe for those sensitive to smells

• No residual smell

• No need to extract furniture from rooms before treatment

• Destroys all stages of bed bugs from egg to adult.

The Government of Canada and Do it Yourself Pest Control both offer insightful tips on handling these creepy crawlies.

Contact the bed bug exterminator team in Montreal to learn more about how to get rid of bed bugs in Montreal.

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