Choosing The Best Discord Moderation Bot

After establishing Discord support it is essential that you implementations and configurations of Automoderation instrument to automate the moderation of text, voice and message on your host.

Importance of Automatic Moderation

You might wonder, why you must use automatic moderation? When you have moderators? Auto moderation is not a replacement for manual moderation, instead, it is something that enriches it. Your moderation team may continue to make context-based, informed decisions within your own server, and auto moderation servers to make that process simpler for them while coping with common problems faster than they could possibly be able to.

Auto Moderation as a system is integral to the way many servers operate Discord. The safety that automatic moderation may provide to your server can offer your customers a much better experience on your community, make your moderator's tasks easier, and prevent malicious users away from doing damage to your own server as well as getting in your host.

There's no doubt that a number of the greatest Discord bots feel a tiny old school -- you are often made to work with text based controls and any form of UI element isn't thought of. Read the most enjoyed reaction roles bot on discord.

What is ProBot and How It Works to Discord?

ProBot combines things up by introducing a standalone dash which you may use to make welcome pages, see your Discord stats, and manage moderation queues, and set automatic responses to particular words. ProBot comes with various wonderful moderation tools too but it's the effective dashboard which makes it rewarding.

ProBot is a comparatively new Discord moderation bot which also contains welcome messages, auto-response, and anti-raid protection. It can operate as a Discord welcome bot that sends new members a custom message which include the member's avatar and name. You can set automatic answers to certain words or messages. When a user violates the rules, then the Probot Discord bot may warn, mute, kick, or prohibit a member from a text or voice station or from your entire server. It can also move the offending member to a voice station where a person moderation may talk together in their behavior. If a whole channel is behaving, subsequently ProBot can lock the station and clear its messages.

ProBot may also be used to play audio, auto-assign functions, and delegate XP to members. In addition to the above free attributes, ProBot offers two paid plans-- both prime and premium. Prime allows you to adjust your music quantity, unban all prohibited users at once, and execute more innovative anti-raid attributes. Prime prices $2.50per month or $24.99annually. Premium includes the aforementioned features while also letting you change the name and avatar of your host's ProBot. It costs $9.99/mo or $79.99/yr.

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